Halloween Goodies

2017-09-28 01:23:26 by MintyFreshThoughts

What'sup folks!? 

Minty here with a quick blog about some plans for October 2017! If you have'nt been able to tell already, Iv'e been getting in the spirit of Halloween and will be trying to pump out some stellar Halloween related art and possible music. Be on the lookout for some collaborations as well! 

If you have any special requests, feel free to make suggestions in the comments. If you enjoy my art and would like to help support the future production, you can snag a shirt from the Minty Fresh Shop or order up some digital prints! Free shipping will start October 4 - 9th on all apparel.

Visit www.mintyfreshthoughts.com to order!

Alright guys, thanks for your support.

Until then, peace out!


Keepin' it Fresh!

2017-09-08 00:22:53 by MintyFreshThoughts

What'sup folks!? Minty here with another fresh blog post. Figured I would go ahead and give some updates on various things going on at the moment for anyone who is interested...


So to start off, we have big plans for the future in terms of designs and collaborations. I have recently gotten a great opportunity to supply Wonderland Smoke Shop, which is a chain located throughout NJ. I created the logo for them in 2014, which is all over their buildings and merch...but sadly it was only a competition at the time. Since then, I have recently been contacted in an effort to collaborate on some hot apparel designs to be sold throughout their locations! Very much looking forward to it, as this will be an excellent starting point for the business!


So let's talk more about our plans and what we can do for you! Minty Fresh Thoughts as you may know, is an entertaining multimedia publishing production. "Entertain Your Brain" is our motto. At the moment though, the production is basically being run by one person...that's right. Me! So this makes it difficult to keep up with various art commisions, but I strive to provide exceptional work whenever possible. Recently I have been able to collaborate with some very talented artists who have been a tremendous help as well as great for cross promoting. Keep an eye out for more collabs and feel free to contact me if you feel like working on a project! So what can we do for you?...


Well, at the moment I can handle clients in terms of design work and an occasional animation or song. We plan on growing our team and dedicating our talents to inspire others and unleash their inner creativity. With the help of Wonderland and others who support, we can see our business grow and succeed in wondrous ways. Not just for our benefit, but for all of us who think and share alike! 


 So if you're a talented artist and is willing to collaborate, I assure you this will be an excellent opportunity! Unleash your creative potential and be one with you inner "Minty Fresh Thoughts"!! Moving forward we will see more art, music, animations, and Minty Fresh Products for all to enjoy and enlighten. 


Until then, check back for the latest updates...and as always, stay Minty Fresh!!! 




All We Are - Music Video

2017-03-19 17:45:00 by MintyFreshThoughts

If anyone has been reading my posts, then you should know by now that I will be releasing an animated music video featuring guitarist Aron Fincke from the original band "Breaking Benjamin". 

Iv'e encountered a few setbacks over the last couple of months, but I'm still moving on. This will be the latest high quality animation Iv'e made in a while and I'm very much looking forward to its completion. I'm going to say this video will see a release within the next 2 months or so...maybe even sooner than that. After this video is done, I'll be starting a new cartoon series as well as animated shorts. 

If Anyone is interested in collaborating on some comedic cartoons, just send me a message! Until then, check back for the latest updates and expect a music video release very soon! Thanks guys


Minty Bite vol 1

2017-02-13 23:08:18 by MintyFreshThoughts

Minty Bite acoustic is now available for free streaming via mintyfreshthoughs.com. $5 for the entire album...that's 22 tracks for $5! Great deal here. If you feel like supporting a fellow artist I will personally thank you. Check it out - 


2017 Website Launch!

2017-02-10 20:12:35 by MintyFreshThoughts

Introducing the launch to the Minty Fresh Thoughts website! I welcome anyone to visit and take a look around. As a thank you for checking out the site, I'm offering a free download for the full album "Minty Bite"!. Be sure to visit the music section to download! Thanks

Visit - www.mintyfreshthoughts.com

New Year, New Goals

2017-01-09 02:28:14 by MintyFreshThoughts

What's up folks and fellow artist's! Just making a quick blog post for the first time in a whole year lol. I'll make it quick and simple. First off, I have a lot planned for the new year in hopes to improve my craft throughout all areas of my art. Everything from my abstract work, to even starting to get into creating comics and animation. I know I post a lot of abstract designs, which is what I truly enjoy doing for the sake of puttting my work out there, but I have been wanting to create more featured content for the longest time now.

I'm currently in the works of finishing up my latest animation, which is a compiled music video for my friends band featuring guitarist Aarom Fincke from the band you may know as "Breaking Benjamin". This has been ongoing for nearly 6 months now and I've been lucky enough to have 2 talented animators help me with the production. After the video is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure, I will be unleashing my fullest potential for producing content!

I will be creating more animations, more comics, and of course...more art. I know I don't have much fans, but maybe someone will spend the couple of minutes to read this and be glad to know what's in store for the new year. Lastly I will be relasing a wesbite so that all my content can easily be viewed within one link. As I'm sure you are all aware, I'm more than glad to help a fellow artist with any projects or collaborations they might like to work on. This being said, don't be a stranger! Send me a message and I'll always have a friendly reply. Anyway...I guess this wasn't as quick and simple as I had planned, but it's basically the latest Minty Fresh update for all that may care to know lol.

Thanks guys! Cheers to a new year and a fresh start. Keep on creating



2016-01-05 01:51:28 by MintyFreshThoughts

Whatsup folks and fellow artists! I'm just a simple artist who likes to indulge in a wide variety of art forms. However I would love to collaborate on any small projects when I have free time. Check out my work and see what you like. Im 24 years young, but I know a lot about being creative. All self taught. I would love to keep learning from all areas I find interesting. So if you would like to collaborate on a project of any sort just send me a message and maybe we could create something unique or inspiring. You never know until you try. Could be any small project of any sort. Music, animation, drawing...possibilities are limitless. The sky is the limit they say...well there's an ever expanding universe out there .. we could make anything. Why not? After all, isn't it that what you enjoy? I know I do.... Until then. Peace 



Lets Get Minty!

2015-01-12 01:21:33 by MintyFreshThoughts

As viewers we readily experience the power of ground of which we cannot stand-yet that very experience can be so compelling that we may feel almost honor-bound to make art that recaptures that power. Or more dangerously feel tempted to use the same techniques, the same subjects, the same symbols as appear in the work that aroused our passion-to borrow, in effect, a charge from another time and place.


Greetings From MInty Fresh Thoughts!

2014-12-16 01:50:24 by MintyFreshThoughts

Hey people I go by "Minty Fresh" , but you can call whatever you like! First off my goal is to achieve a highly skilled team of creative artists of all types to help build Minty Fresh Thoughts. I have a big reputation ouside of the newgrounds world and have done many proffesional pieces for higher companys. If you would like to join the team and animate anything more relating to comedy, but if youre good enough then we can create anything! That being said, just message me and surley enough Ill respond and hopefly we can work on some amazing projects together. Im looking for anyone who is good with creating music, writing, art, backgrounds, and of coarse animation. So hope to hear from you guys soon! Remember to stay Minty Fresh!!4952433_141871261373_NGAd2.jpg